About Us

Our Founder

"With God, nothing is impossible, because with God ALL things are possible to them that believe and have faith" is my personal mantra and driving force that affirms the way I live my life.

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Our Mission

All Woman Ministry is passionate about Missions Work.

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About Us

All Woman Ministry is called to enlighten women to fully, completely and totally embrace who they are in Christ Jesus.

Our goal is to educate women with the Word of God to produce transformation of their spirit, soul and body.

Our belief and mission comes from Colossians 2v10

"..we are complete in Christ who is head over all powers"

We believe that:

Every woman is complete in who she is in Christ Jesus.

Every woman can do all things through Christ who gives her strength.

Every woman has the ability and power through Christ to achieve her dreams.

Bringing out the real and complete woman is a partnership with the entire community.

With God, all things are possible for all women.

Our Motto is "Fully Complete in Christ"

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