4 Elements of Mentorship


Educate the Deborahs in the word of God and other resources.


Elevate the Deborahs to their position (by creating a platform and mentorship for them to rise).


Expose the Deborahs to like minded people (through events & networks).


Engage the Deborahs in a mutual relationship to partner in their growth and success.

What the Deborahs are saying

Thank you Pastor Dee for all the investment in my life. Our weekly meetings has saved my marriage and my home.


Working with Mama Dee has opened me up to other Deborahs who are as passionate as me.


Working with Dee has helped shaped my vision and moved me from debt to owning my own business and living debt free. She has prayed for me, counseled me and connected me with others.


Dee has helped me shape my vision and set me on the right path for success. The doors she has opened has been amazing and her heart to see me succeed. She prays with me, gives me sound counsel and checks on me constantly. She never gives up.


Pastor Dee has been instrumental in me staying in my career. When I landed in Canada, she encouraged me to stay focus on my profession and give God one year. One regular meetings helped me stay focus and accountability.


Mama Dee invested in my life from Nigeria and my business growth and sustanability is because of her many hours of coaching, praying and encouragement.


How Mentorship Works

Our mentorship program focuses on three things: Spirit, Soul, and Body.

We work with you to have a healthy life balance and then build your vision on that health foundation.

We meet regularly to determine where you are spiritually, emotionally, and physically in alignment with your vision and purpose.

We provide the following to our Deborahs:

  • Education from the word of God and other resources.
  • Exposition to like-minded people (through events & networks).
  • Elevation to their position (by creating a platform and support for them to rise).
  • Engagement in a mutually beneficial partnership.
  • Prayer & Counseling to provide spiritual covering.

How Do I apply?