With God, nothing is impossible, because with God ALL things are possible to them that believe and have faith" is my personal mantra and driving force that affirms the way I live my life.

From a rough and tough background born in Nigeria, growing up in London England and now living in Canada, I am a woman who God has done so many amazing things in my life, and I cannot keep it to myself.


Dee is an international speaker, who has spoken on many platforms including churches, conferences, businesses and many others as a keynote speaker and panel expert.

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Dee is the founder and president of The Deborahs Company Mentorship Program and mentors many women to rise up and fulfill their dreams and purposes. She educates, exposes and elevates all her Deborahs to achieve greatness.

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Dee is an advocate for women and families affected by homelessness, suicide,

domestic violence and unwanted pregnancy.

She uses her experiences to educate and provide support to those in need.

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"Lord, Teach Me To Pray!"



Fully Complete!

I used to have a problem accepting myself and loving myself. I used to think I was not good enough and would never be good enough. Then I met a man who told me "I am complete in who I am in Christ Jesus, and I am fearfully and wonderfully made! Now I don't have a problem with being me.

Now I teach others how to live with who they are!