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To get where you need to go in life requires mentoring:  Bible clearly shows us that mentoring is important.


Our programs offer mentors the opportunity to SHARE experiences and for mentees to GAIN experience. It's an opportunity for everyone to pick a brain, find an ear that will listen to you, and get a push in the right direction.


Why mentoring is important

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Mentorship Workshop -   The Real & Complete Woman 


Date:          Starts Tuesday September 5th 2017, and then every week

                  until October 10th, 2017

Time:          12pm - 1.30pm  & 7pm-8.30pm.

Location:    Online Webinar

Cost:           $FREE

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Maximizing Time & Day Workshop


"Excellent materials on how to maximize my time before and after work. Use the to do list and put down the phone"


"I liked the GTRT idea, I'll duplicate the worksheet"


"Excellent materials. Looking to switch up some activities to free my morning when I have more energy"


"Good materials, made me think alot about what I can do in 1 and 5 minute rules. Also what is my best time now with my new reality"


"Excellent materials on how to save time and spend more time with family"

Week 1 – What Makes A Complete & Whole Woman

Week 2 – Using your past as a power source

Week 3 – Tools to overcoming internal & external pressures

Week 4 – Finding work, family, ministry/business and life balance

Week 5 – The Confidence Booster & Walk

Week 6 – How to achieve your dreams

Course Outline:

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